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The more knowledge you have about current events, the easier it will be to identify topics to write about. Identify what you care about. Your topic should stem from something that you have a personal interest in.

As you read or watch current events, notice anything that you do not like, that makes you angry, that you believe is wrong, or that you would like to change. These are the topics that you should write about. For example, a candidate may claim that security is their top priority, but fail to securely short satire essay examples their own data.

That inconsistency could be a topic for a satirical writing. Your interest is necessary because you will be researching, thinking and writing about the current event.

If you do not have strong feelings about your topic, it will be very difficult esl short essay examples you to write about it. Choose a current event that is visible and well known.

This will make it easier for you to connect with your audience. If you use a current event that people are unaware of, they will have a hard time understanding the satire because they will have no idea what you are talking about. Research the current event. In order for you to write about a current event, you must have a thorough understanding of the event. Have a critical approach as you do your research. You want to understand all aspects of an issue and the different viewpoints of the event.

For example, if you plan to write about a case that is up before the Supreme Court, you would research the history of the case, the defendant and the plaintiff's point of view, similar cases and precedents, the general public's perception of the case, etc.

Never take the current event at face value.

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Always dig deeper. Read other people's satire. Satire is a unique style of writing and requires a different way of thinking. Reading satire can help you grasp a better understanding for your own writing. Critique the writings that you read by asking yourself some of the following questions: [4] What is the satire about? Who is the intended audience? What are the author's motives? What additional ways could you satirize this topic? Is the satire warranted?

Esl short essay examples

Learn about different satirical techniques. In literature, art, film, and other mediums, there are different techniques that people esl short essay examples to create a satirical effect. Some of the most frequently used satirical techniques include: [5] Exaggeration.

Representing something or someone to a degree that is so far beyond reality that it is ridiculous. Imitating the style or techniques of a person, place, or thing to make fun of it.

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Dennis prager essay: top 30 satire in the satire. As Johnston suggests satires that are very direct are boring and ineffectual. Unlike indirection, invective is very abusive. It is an open insult used occasionally for shock effect. It usually lacks irony in order to attack a particular target.

Similarly, a very serious situation can be burlesqued by having the characters in a literary text speak or behave in ridiculously inappropriate ways. In other words, burlesque creates a large gap between the situation or the characters and the style with which they speak or act out the event. It is a stylistic device or figure of speech in which the real meaning of the words is different from the literal meaning. To put it briefly, satirists use a variety of literary devices.

They may use various techniques, such as those described above, in order to say two or more things at one time, and to compare, equate, or contrast for satirical purposes.

Moreover, these techniques provide variety, conciseness, and opportunity for employing wit and humor.

In explaining the use of satirical techniques, Harris writes the following about satirical techniques: The satire must be presented in a manner that will bring action, and in a world of complacent hypocrites, irony, with its various means of presentation, is essential; the message cannot be derived without it, if the message is to have any tangible effect.

In a two-word abstract, esl short essay examples purpose of satire is the correction sex trafficking essay deterrence of vice, and its method is to attack hypocrisy through the ironic contrast between values and actions. The aforementioned quotation highlights that the techniques the satirist uses have to serve the purpose the satirist has in mind.

It is an indispensable 23 quality of satire to employ appropriate techniques. Furthermore, Hawthorn remarks that the satirist is concerned with drawing our attention to what he or she is attacking rather than to create characters, situations and events that are believable in and for themselves.

Therefore, literary works that are not usually categorized as satirical novel or short story may use the major weapons of satire in order to diminish a set of beliefs by making it appear ridiculous. Finally, based on the techniques the satirist employs satire can be divided into formal or direct and informal or indirect Abrams, Abrams also distinguishes two types of formal satire, namely Horatian satire and Juvenalian satire, whereas the Menippean satire is indirect.

On the other hand, Juvenalian satire is harsher; more pointed, and often attacks particular people with an invective attack. Horatian satire is mild and gentler. To put it in the words of Abrams : In Horatian satire the character of the speaker is that of an urbane, witty, and tolerant man of the world, who is moved more often to wry amusement than to indignation at the spectacle of human folly, pretentiousness, and hypocrisy, and who uses a relaxed and informal language to evoke a smile at human follies and absurdities ometimes including his own.

In Juvenalian satire the character of the speaker is that of a serious moralist who uses a dignified and public style of utterance to decry modes of vice and error which are no less dangerous because they are ridiculous, and who undertakes to evoke contempt, moral indignation, or an unillusioned sadness at the aberrations of men.

He short essay examples 70 words it as: a work in which the materials are selected and managed primarily in order to interest and amuse us: the characters and their discomfitures engage our delighted attention rather than our profound concern, we feel confident that no great disaster will occur, and usually the action turns out happily for the chief characters.We have excellent course curriculum and faculty members. Our lecturers hold a respectable place in the societies. My college Principal is very particular in appointing the lecturers.

This is the reason nobody takes tuition classes after the college hours like students of other colleges. It is my firm belief that education is the best way to enlighten young minds and it can only be imparted in a good environment having prosperous thinking. My college has all what it takes. After you have the ideas on paper, go back and look for the pieces of gold buried under all of the words.

Begin by reducing the introduction and the conclusion from one paragraph to one sentence each. Choose only the clearest, most direct parts.

Some short-answer questions ask for lists of activities, jobs, or honors. There are two approaches to answering such a question: the list and the paragraph.

For each, provide complete short essay examples 70 words about the items you are listing, following the same format for each list. Include the activity, your involvement, and the time commitment.

The body is made up of 3 paragraphs. Each one will cover a main supporting point that gives credence to your thesis topic statement. Each of these 3 custom writing login are independent of each other yet you will have to tie them all together and show the reader why each is essential in its own right.

You can do this in the transition from one paragraph to the next.

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The fifth and final paragraph is the conclusion. It is a summary of the body of the essay. It shows the reader how your body of evidence supported your thesis statement. Check for flow of logic. If we think of a small tribe wandering in the desert we can imagine that a person not respected by anyone could be left behind and die. Such a person was considered to have no worth, no importance, no value to the group. Nowadays it seems much more possible- to survive without being respected.

Someone could, for example, inherit a large sum of money, have many servants and employees and have salesmen constantly calling on him and catering to him, yet not be respected in the least. Someone could also make a lot of money through having a particular talent which is valued, such as being able to dunk a basketball yet not really be respected, perhaps because of the way he treats others.

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