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Alvin spent half as much as Lorie did on holiday presents this year and Chris spent 3 times more than Alvin did. How much money did each person spend? You are given an 8 gallon jug filled with water, and also two empty jugs: one that holds 5 gallons and another that holds 3 gallons. Using these three jugs, how can you measure exactly 4 gallons of water? Answer: Fill te 5-gallon jug. Next, pour from the 5-gallon jug to completely fill the 3-gallon jug leaving 2 gallons in the 5-gallon jug.

Then, pour all of the water from the 3-gallon jug back into the 8-gallon jug. Next, pour the two gallons from the 5-gallon jug into the 3-gallon jug, which would leave it with one gallon of space available. Then, fill the 5-gallon jug again. Finally, pour from the 5-gallon jug into the 3-gallon jug filling kids doing school work the one gallon of available kids helping parentswhich would leave you with exactly four gallons in the 5-gallon jug! Hey Kidsyou may also like the following General Knowledge Notes.

These topics contains study materials related to Computer, General Science, Geography, etc. These topics has been selected for kids like you from our ToThePoint section. For complete study materials click here.

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English QUIZ. And many more topics coming soon Continents and Oceans I. Post your question. Safe and Secure Payments. It's a problem caused by "greenhouse gases. Thousands of students walked out of class in Sydney, kicking off global protests on Friday. They got the attention they wanted. Some Australian politicians hit back with criticism. Protesters in New Religion and morality essay invited adults to join the march.

And her prime minister is listening. The movement has snowballed since year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg began skipping school to protest in front of parliament last August. In Thailand, one of the world's top plastic polluters, students campaigned against single-use plastics. From Seoul to Singapore, each city's students spoke out in their own way. Here in South Korea, students held signs saying "Too warm 4 school" and "Don't deny climate change.

Students in New Delhi chanted slogans demanding the Indian government stop using coal and act against climate change and air pollution. While German Chancellor Angela Merkel has supported the movement, some German students are still afraid to skip school. But not all. Protests were planned for cities across the country. In the German capital, the crowds kids doing school work huge by midday.

In the western German city of Cologne, students braved the wet weather. Massive storms have recently battered that part of the country, though they only appeared to fan the flames of the students' protest. Greta Thunberg center led one of the many protests in Sweden. She said she was excited that protests had spread to 2, places in countries. Asked if adults should strike too, she replied: "It's up to them, if they home work for kids their kids to have a future. Africa, with more than 1 billion people, is expected to be hardest hit by global warming even though it contributes the least to greenhouse gas emissions.

Paul, Minnesota. Montreal drew among the largest crowds, estimated by organizers at nearlyThe global movement saw a response from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who said he was inspired by the climate strikers to call a special summit in September to deal with "the climate emergency. The same thing happens with the Earth's atmosphere, which holds in the heat from the sun to keep us all nice and warm out in space, we'd quickly freeze! Riddle: You bought me for dinner but kids worksheets eat me.

What am I? Riddle: After a train crashed, every single person died. Who survived? Riddle : What travels around the world but stays in one spot?

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Vint Cerf and people he worked with had figured out the Internet Protocol, and also the Transmission Control Protocol. So I could food inc essay other people who maybe would like to help work on making the WWW.

I didn't invent the hypertext link either. The idea of jumping kids helping parents one document to another had been thought about lots of people, including Vanevar Bush inand by Ted Nelson who actually kids worksheets the word hypertext.

Bush did it before computers really existed. Ted thought of a system but didn't use the internet. Doug Engelbart in the 's made a great system just like WWW except that it just ran on one [big] computer, as the internet hadn't been invented yet. Lots of hypertext systems had been made which just worked on one computer, and didn't link all the way across the world.

No, actually the inventing it was easy. The amazing thing which makes it work is that so many people actually have made web servers, and that they all work the same way, on the Internet. They all use HTTP. So the difficult bit was persuading people to join in. I'm still doing that sort of thing. The World Wide Web Consortium W3C is like a club of people and companies who feel the Web is important, and keeping it working is important, and making it even better and even more powerful is important.

I am the director of W3C I started it but thousands of people are now working on all kinds of wonderful things. I want you to know that you too can make new programs which create new fun ways of using computers and using the Internet.

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I want you to realize that, if you can imagine a computer doing something, you can program a computer to do that.

Of course, what happens with computers is that you have a basic simple idea and then you have to add things on to it for practical reasons. So real-world computer programs can end up with a lot of stuff in them. If they are good, they are still simple inside. I grew up in south-west London. I wasn't very good at sports. When I was 11 I went to a school which was between two railway tracks, so I saw lots of trains and started train-spotting. I also had a model railway in my bedroom.

It was a long thin layout with a 4-track station answers for kids the middle, and on each side pairs of tracks going off into tunnels to actually loop back to each other. I made some electronic gadgets to control the trains. The I ended up getting more interested in electronics than kids doing school work.

Later on, when I was in college I made computer out of an old television set. My mother and father were both working with the very early computers when they met. Later on, my mother taught maths in school. They taught me that maths is a lot of fun. In England, mathematics is "maths", in the USA, "math".

When I went to Oxford University, I studied physics.But they hardly had any of that. It really blew me away. Lareau found that in poor and working-class households, children were urged to stay quiet and show deference to adult authority figures such as teachers. In middle-class households, kids learned to ask critical questions and to advocate for themselves-behaviors that served them well in the classroom.

Robinson and Harris chose not to address a few potentially powerful types of parental involvement, from hiring tutors or therapists for kids who are struggling, to opening college savings accounts. This is one example for which race did seem to matter: white parents are at least twice as likely as black and Latino parents to request a specific teacher. All in all, these findings kids helping parents relieve anxious parents struggling to make time to volunteer at the PTA bake sale.

Licensed psychologist Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph. In The Opposite of Worrya recommendation from Daniels, he offers a similar approach to teach parents to assess their own anxieties and to guide kids through their insecurities and doubts through drawing, writing and other forms of play.

It teaches them about children's developing minds and breaks down exactly why kids sometimes respond to situations with colleges that require essays for admission and outbursts. It's another suggestion from Halloran. Little, Brown Spark. Growing Up Brave, a recommendation from Daniels, tackles many topics like separation and social anxiety and gives parents the tools they need to make sure their kids find long-term happiness.

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It's by Donna Pincus, Ph. Thinking about pairs and groups, funny kid answers then putting them together will enhance their hand-eye coordination, and the work will be done in no time at all! You will find that your workload is greatly eased if your kids take it upon themselves to fold some clothes and put their own clothing items away in their closets.

While it may seem that folding clothes is a difficult task for kids, if you begin with small or rectangular items, they will eventually be able to handle more complex ones. Making the folding and putting away of clothes into a game means that children helping at home have fun at the same time: divide clothes into equal piles, and have each family member neatly fold and put these away. The one who gets done first is the winner!

Answers for kids can help you with setting up the table for meals and putting things away afterwards. You can teach them the right way to fold napkins, and even some napkin origami you will find many helpful tutorials for this on the internet. Involving your kids in chores is a great way of becoming friends with them, right from their childhood. Advocate for them. Encourage them to be active.

Help them downsize without being bossy. Help them create a memory book. Psych Central. All rights reserved. Hot Topics Today 1. Who's Going to Probably Win the Oscars? Parents Store Cart.

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