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The relationship between personality and creativity: A psychometric study. Extent to which individuals engage in creative behavior, and the extent to which creative. Creative Dissertation Examples. Every dissertation that is uploaded to the digital deposit system is reviewed by. Creativity is a powerful engine.

These aim to support UPD researchers and creative workers dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements on. A creative dissertation goes way past the general writing and trying to identify. From the Manzoni building, we offer a range of finishing options to enhance your. My dissertation adopts the interdisciplinary perspective of visual cultural studies to examine the creative economy that both shaped and energized this prolific.

According to him, every psychic event is an identity of at least two positions Hillman, Similarly to Jung, Edinger, and Hillman, Stein related the transformation of 22 an individual with the presence of immortal archetypal images from the unconscious of the collective psyche. During such process, a person takes on the qualities and the traits of those figures and becomes spiritually influenced by them into a supreme being. Identity in relation to self is one of the central concepts of depth psychological research and practice, as the aforementioned literature demonstrated.

In the following section I will give a perspective on the literature exploring the other domain of identity that is the social context. Social context of identity. The importance of the primary relationships for the healthy development of an individual underscores the social context in early dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of identity.

The sense of identity illustrated as evolving and altering through the life cycle is not a fixed process; on the contrary, it a dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements fluid and interactive route, responsive to a variety of psychosocial influences Akhtar, ; Meissner, ; Searles, It is clear from the early psychoanalytic writings that the identity creation is identified with social character.

The contemporary relational theorists e. The updated identity concept for them holds the rich complexity of adult development synthesizing a variety of social roles and current familial, cultural, and personal obligations with added archaic incentives, conflicts, and intrapersonal commitments. Psychotherapists and analysts as well as patients are increasingly diverse today Bucci, ; Mann, ; Walls, Furthermore, the focus on those differences naturally pressures the therapist to consider also the meaning of similarity Connolly, ; Tabachnick, There are some social identities that are usually, but not always, more obvious than others.

Smith and Tang propose taxonomy of elements of identity by categorizing the social identities into three clusters that vary in the extent to which they are obvious and voluntarily embraced. The first group consists of innate and visible elements, such as race and gender.

The second group includes those elements of identities that are not adopted, but may not be visible, like sexual orientation, 24 social class of origin, or cultural heritage. The third group compiles the elements that are chosen by an individual, for example, marital and parental status, political affiliation, current religion, and also those that are acquired like socioeconomic status or disability.

Such amplitude implies great need for the therapist to have specific knowledge about particular culture, and an adequate discussion needs to be invited in the therapeutic room. Jung was able to distinguish the collective identity from the individual Jung,and while discussing the advantages of the collective identity, he pointed out the primitive influence of the collective on the individual.

Moreover, he wrote extensively about the treatment of collective identity that could lead to a loss of individuality Jung, The collective unconscious is an organic and general intelligence, opposite to an individual, which Jungreferred to as a repository of collective psychic contents or representations.

However, a phenomenon that can occur in participation in ritual is participation mystique, which according to Jung means original nondifferentiation of subject and object creating primordial unconscious state.

It is a 25 transference relationship in which the object acquires utterly magical influence over the subjective experience. He added that experiencing transformation in a group and in oneself are two different occurrences.

In the large group, the psyche is similar to the psyche of an animal, where the psychology sinks below the level of an individual psyche, taking a place of a lower level of consciousness. Because the presence of more people together is exerting greater suggestive force, Jung believed that the group experience is much more prevalent than the individual experience.

He described individuation as a natural necessity, a process of differentiation that promotes the growth of the individual personality Jung, This process prevents an individual to be uniformed with the collective standards and become stunted. Jung believed that a healthy society is one that can maintain its internal unity and collective values, and at the same time can allow an individual to have the maximum possible freedom and sense of vitality. By nature an individual is not a separate, single being; on the contrary, its survival depends on the collective relationship.

Therefore, the process of individuation should not be lived in isolation, but must move toward more powerful and extensive collective relationships Jung, The danger Jung spoke of frequently is that the force of the collective movements can easily suppress individuals. Distinctiveness disappears; instead sameness begins to prevail that can lead to loss of soul caused by psychological regression, in which the identity of a person becomes assimilated within the collective Stein, From 26 the post-Jungian perspective, Steinanalyzed the undercurrent of globalization and its influence on ethnic identities.

He characterized globalization as a hazard that can unleash the risk of uncontrollable commercialization and occurrence of sameness, raising a threat to flatten the cultural differences and identities. Stein went on describing globalization as a catastrophe that endangers groups and nations, which in the mythical world would reflect a situation of being imprisoned in the belly of the whale, or being held captive by a dragon.

Thus, they become assimilated into greater collectivities, deprived of their cultural distinctiveness. As the world strives for global political scene, there are still strong tendencies not to accept and not to be tolerant of diverse identities: racial, ethnic, and gender Weisstub, People develop their identities simultaneously at an individual and collective level, and therapists in practice examine the collective identity as a critical component of the self-concept Yoon, The two broad categories that have distinct psychological job personal statement sample are ethnic and racial identity Cokley, Ethnicity is a socially constructed abstraction that has no clear or unified common view regarding its definition and utilization Eriksen, There are more meanings to ethnicity than merely the one that is based on cultural attributes such as language, values, traditions, and customs.

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Ethnic identity can be defined as an intrapersonal experience of ethnic group association that entails self-identification, feeling of belonging, predisposition for the group, favorable evaluation of the ethnic group, traditional knowledge, and participating in ethnic group activities Akhtar, ; Cokley, ; Eriksen, ; Negy et al.

On the other hand, racial identity is seen as a collective identity of a group of people gathered to think of themselves as a racial group Cokley, ; Layton, According to Cokleywhen research is conducted on how individuals see themselves in relation to their cultural beliefs, values, and behaviors, then the ethnic identity is more appropriate model for the study.

On the other hand, when the interest of research focuses on how the identity is constructed as a response to an oppressive and distinctly racialized environment, then racial identity research tends to be more appropriate.

Cokley subtly defined three categories of definitions for ethnicity: a extensive definitions built upon biophysical features and cultural qualities equivalent to race, b more specific definitions referring to cultural differences and national origins, and c more narrow definitions based on cultural characteristics. Moreover, The Oxford English Dictionary defines national identity to be a sense of a nation as a cohesive whole, as represented by the maintenance of distinctive traditions, culture, linguistic or political features, etc Oxford University Press, n.

Research on ethnic identity has incorporated not only concepts of race and ethnicity, but nationality and culture as well. The body of research cited provides validation for the concept that identity development is not a limited process with a boundary Meissner, ; Searles, Rather, identity persists evolving even after the internally defined ego identity has been achieved Erikson,; Fairbairn, ; Klein, ; Primary homework help ww2 ; Winnicott, In the following section, the emphasis will be turned to the ethnic and national aspect of the Macedonian identity, conditioned throughout history, and observed from a social constructivist perspective, viewed through the eyes of a Macedonian.

Individuals are born with certain characteristics, traits, or tendencies that over time must be incorporated into their identities Erikson, ; Tabachnick, These traits can be conscious or unconscious, stable or shifting, under different circumstances Kernberg, ; Ulansey, When discussing identity, social constructivism is valuable not only because it helps people to frame the processes in which their life decisions were 29 influenced by their sociocultural circumstances, but also because it helps the group to make meaning of their differences and group behavior.

Similarly, Fagan argued that social constructivism is not an opponent of philosophy of science; on the contrary, it is a starting point of critical epistemic evaluation of science. She pointed out that scientific knowledge is in fact socially constructed because 1 scientific facts and truths are socially constructed, b the beliefs of scientists, regardless of whether they are true or false, are socially constructed, and 3 scientific standards of reasoning are socially constructed.

Humans are firmly connected to time, but they do not cut their ties with the past, ties that also mirror their fundamental features Berg, This connection is stronger than one can imagine, especially in the Balkan Peninsula, where the national identity as a cultural artifact became much more pronounced after Yugoslavia become divided into small countries in Preservation and affirmation of the national identity for each of those former Yugoslav countries became a daily routine of radical rivalry, not only amongst those countries, but the neighboring countries as well Daskalovski, ; Blitz, Macedonia continues to have the most difficult time in an effort to preserve and promote its ethos, which is 30 different than Greek, Bulgarian, or Serbian Rossos, Macedonian identity started formally emerging during the oppression of the Ottoman occupation of the Balkan Peninsula.

Macedonia Makedonija is an ancient country located in Southern Europe, offering substantial cultural wealth accumulated throughout history, accounting for the creation of unique ethnic identity Acevska, essay personal statement Shea, In the attempt to elucidate the enigma about Macedonia, it is necessary to present a brief history and civilizational direction of every epoch on this territory, which was important in shaping its national identity.

The rise of the distinguished Tsar Samuel of the Slavic Macedonian colonies was subsequently destroyed by the overpowering Byzantium in the 11th century Jakimovska-Tosik, ; Trajanovski, In the 14th century, the Serbian king Dushan occupied Macedonia, but this unification of the two Slav countries was not fully achieved before the powerful Turks invaded both, occupying their territory for years Rossos, But for most of the population it was a period of hardship and hopelessness in which the 31 flame of Macedonian culture was kept flickering only in the monastic centers Jakimovska-Tosik, In the Turks surprised this movement.

However, inafter World War I, Macedonia became liberated from the Turks and became vulnerable and attractive bait, ultimately divided between the Serbs, Greeks, and Bulgarians Shea, This province became an operating stage for political and economic greed in the Balkan Peninsula. This is an ongoing conflict that remains unresolved and threatens the national identity of the Buy nothing day argumentative essay Acevska, ; Crampton, ; Danforth, ; Daskalovski, ; Poulton, ; Rossos, ; Shea, It is clear from the existing research that Greeks are not Macedonians, nor are Macedonians Greeks.

The Greek arguments, already confusing issue to understand, began to create further instability in the region and for the world because Greece insists that no name including Macedonia is acceptable Danforth, ; Rossos, ; Shea, The world, with exception of Greece, recognized Macedonia as an independent country inwith its language, unique culture, dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment, religion, and political orientation. The world is the context in which the cultural artifact shows itself.

This makes the world a condition of the possibility for developing a certain national identity Connolly, ; Cushman, ; Fagan, The cultural-historical world is a cultural-historical creation. The world is socially constituted Cushman, ; Fagan, ; thus, the 33 psychology of the Macedonian self is constituted in the face of two facts: a self is to be seen as not oppressed by the Turks, and b self is to be seen not as a provincial self divided between the Greeks, Serbs, and Bulgarians and lost in their strong ethnic review format propaganda.

The fear of oppression becomes a transmuted force expressed in nationalistic tendencies within some extreme fractions of the Macedonian population. This aspect is embedded in the psyche of a Macedonian, which became a ground for interpreting the world Shea, The fear of oppression is present in every contemporary Macedonian, evoking emotions of guarding Macedonian identity and efforts to prove its uniqueness Poulton, The development of social sciences, in particular sociology and dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements science, is intended to determine identity through its relation with the others Cushman, ; Fagan, The modern concept of identity is closely connected to the cultural development of an individual as well as to the entire society system Connolly, ; Kristeva, This is particularly true for the myth behind the antiquity of modern Greeks and Macedonians that partially govern the current conflict about using dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements name Macedonia.

After the fall of Yugoslavia, an enormous effort was invested in 34 strengthening the Balkan national identities; contemporary events reveal that they are constantly dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements and questioned by the world Blitz, The gift inside of them speaks in a dialogue with the Other; being split from the homeland and being condemned to write brought them closer to Macedonia when they were away. The last two decades were characterized by rapid change in technology, politics, and consciousness in the world.

The phenomenon of globalization seems to bring more division rather than integration and more isolation and pathology rather than relatedness Stein A growth of the new media, such as the Internet and the 35 dissolution of the Soviet Union, directed the rearrangement of economical and political power within the countries and globally.

Even though living standards and political governments improved in areas in the world such as in Latin America, South Africa, and Eastern Asia, ethnic conflicts appeared in Africa, Caucasus, and the Balkans. The beginning of the 21st century was marked with deepening the gap between the two fundamentalist worlds: Christian and Muslim.

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Holdings: Appreciative Inquiry in Africa :

In the case of multiple-authored articles, the student must be the first author. The first simulation describes how spatial relations are grounded in actually executed actions. The second simulation shows how other classes of relations, such as functional relations, are encoded and compared by simulated perceptual-motor interactions. Amharic is also spoken by 40, people in Israel as well as Even though the study focuses on Ethiopia, the results from my study can hopefully be used when evaluating the growth effects of currency devaluations in other developing countries.

Use of Adobe Reader to open and fill in the form is strongly recommended form fields may not function as intended when used with a preview app. MembStruk involves several steps that are detailed and tested in the first couple chapters of this thesis. It aims at the prevention of crimes by giving due notice of the crimes and penalties prescribed by law and should this be ineffective by providing for the punishment of criminals in order Conflict in the Somali Region of Ethiopia: Can Education Promote Peace-Building?

A follow-up mission visited Ethiopia from June 28 to July 10, to discuss the report with Government. English chunks that are equivalent to Amharic words from parallel corpora found in the English and German versions of a technical manual. It is a global company, organized in three business divisions. I recommend that it be submitted as fulfilling the Thesis requirement. Ethiopia is a country with a long, proud history, and which has remarkable and impressive institutions in many respects.

This definition integrates stability, access to food, availability of nutritionally adequate food and the biological utilization of food. Today, I am highly Table 6. Besides various existing requirements for thesis submission such as submission of a list of examiners by the thesis supervisor, students and their thesis supervisors should ensure that the guidelines for thesis preparation and submission have been adhered to.

Even though glioblastoma multiforme is a quite rare tu-mor 2it remains significant due to the median survival time cdc grants for public health research dissertation 2012 only months from the time of diagnosis 3. Amharic is predominately spoken by upper and middle class Ethiopians. Opportunities and challenges for sustainable thesis also fills the existing gap of a dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements on gender and politics in Ethiopia.

Proposal examples are written propositions that are addressed to clients or by any department to its head executives. On the other hand the risk the thesis imposes is a political challenge. It also involved a review of secondary sources of information on microfinance in Ethiopia, including project documents road transport, Ethiopia has no road safety policy, strategy or programme. According to the census Amharic is the most commonly spoken language in Ethiopia.There may be several invoices for one purchase.

The data collectors may ask the respondent to identify the items that were not compliant with the requirement, or verify them by the data collectors themselves. There may be several delivery notes for one purchase.

The delivery notes normally have delivering date printed by the supplier and receiving date signed by the receiving staff. An acceptable time period for delivering or receiving may be specified for full shipment or partial shipments, depending on the contract or the agreement. Ask the respondents if there were any delays in delivering the products.

Verify the dates between the contract and the delivery notes to answer Q8 if the last delivery note shows that the deliveries meet the deadline specified in the contract.

Ask the respondents if there were any items that were supplied in wrong product specifications or wrong quantities. Verify the contract against the delivery notes to answer Q8. If there were any agreed changes about products or quantities after the contract was issued, check the revised document contract or order regarding products and quantities to verify the results. To answer Q8, if the respondent can provide the document with the expiry dates for that purchase, use the formula above to verify the result.

Most delivery notes do not have information about packaging and labeling. Sometimes cold chain or other special packaging medicines may be in separate delivery notes. If there is no document to dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Q8, ask the respondent if the consignments received for the last tender or regular purchase were well packed without any damage.

If there is no document to verify for Q8, ask the respondent if the consignments received for the last tender or regular purchase were well labeled with all the information recognizable. However, verify it from the contract or order letter before answering Q5. To answer Q6-Q7, check if there are any communication e-mails or records.

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References:- 1. Abdolshah, M. Journal abortion essay titles Quality and Reliability Engineering. CA, D. Department of General Services, CA. Supplier Performance Report, s. Cormican, K. Supplier performance evaluation: lessons from a large multinational organisation abstract.

Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 18 4pp. Enyinda, C. A model for quantifying strategic supplier selection: Evidence from a generic pharmaceutical firm supply chain. Gordon, S. Seven Steps to measure supplier performance. Harton, S. Lindsey, M. Liu, Y. NC, D. North Carolina Department of Administration.

Version Ongeri, B. Pal, O. PQG, Pharmaceutical Quality Group. Salama, H. Contract Pharma, 23 August. A case study approach to the supplier selection process, s. University of Exeter, n. Procurement Manual: Good Practice 4. Assessing Supplier performance, s. WHO, Operational principles for good pharmaceutical procurement.

WHO good distribution practices for pharmaceutical products, s. Related Papers. By Gabriel Lubale. Thank you for all the efforts that you took to make my paper excellent. I appreciate your help greatly. Thank you very much. I thank you not only a dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements you provided me a good essay but also you are affordable and reliable.

Thanks for the help and enjoyed a lot your service. We will never share it with any one even to our own writers. Services of EssaysChief. We in no way support plagiarism or cheating.

We expect you to reference our papers accordingly. If you pass the paper you buy from us as your own - use at your own risk. Special Discounts. Free and Unlimited Revision. Orders at Reasonable Price. Why Choose Us? A dissertation submitted. Download PDF. And to my most beloved person in the world my mother whose kindness is Therefore, the study aims to achieve some objectives which are a studying current condition of CAM and sustainable tourism in the study area, b identifying the relationship dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment CAM and sustainable tourism, c to identify opportunities and obstacles facing the area and lastly to formulate some recommendations to achieve sustainable tourism.

In order to achieve these objectives mixed research method was used to combine qualitative and quantitative data to reach strong evidence findings based on various data collection methods like interview session with key officers in different agencies ruling coastal area, supported by questionnaire survey to get the perceptions of locals and tourists about coastal area, as well document analysis and physical observation.

Based on data collected from these methods, analysis was made using SWOT analysis and comparison with international indicators. Which led to a number of findings showing that there is a weak level of implementation of CAM in the study area, and existence of a strong relationship between this weak practice of CAM which causes environmental degradation in coastal resources and the quick decline of tourism activity in the area, and that sustainable tourism could not be achieved unless there is a high degree of environmental protection for coastal resources in such tourism destination.

These important findings led to formulation of some recommendations to enhance practice of CAM and to promote sustainable tourism, like establishment of an integrated body with strong enforcement and monitoring facilities for better management of activities in coastal area, preparation of an coastal management act to protect coastal areas, and preparation of an tourism action plan aiming to achieve sustainable tourism in Batu Ferringhi.

The study could be useful for researchers interested in CAM and sustainable tourism as it covers the wide perspective of their application in tourism destinations. Zainora M. ZainoraAsmawi Asmawi Supervisor Supervisor I certify that I have read this study and that in my opinion it conforms to acceptable standards of scholarly presentation and is fully adequate, in scope and quality, as a thesis for the degree of Master of Urban and Regional Planning.

I also declare that it has not been previously or concurrently submitted as a whole for any other degrees at IIUM or other institutions. Kareem Adel Ismail Signature……………………………… All rights reserved. Any material contained in or derived from this unpublished research may only be used by others in their writing with due acknowledgement.

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